our logo

Now about our new logo …

QRCodeWe needed to re brand ourselves and so after a bit of thought and as we all had smartphones, we decided that a QR Code would be the go to add to our new CMYK diamond. So that’s the black blurry bit in the middle of our logo above. We reckon it adds a bit off pizzaz – but that’s only our opinion.

Why did we change we hear you ask? Well we did have our good old faithful logo for a few years with the nice and simple three worded slogan PRINT – WEB- SIGN. It was after seeing our original three word slogan being adopted and modified by every other print shop/photocopy centre and signage place in town, we decided to be innovative and move away from our followers and leave three words behind. So far so good it hasn’t been used by any other print shop/copy centre/signage place in town, but we’ll wait and see what happens in a few months or years 🙂